Ka hei chu

Ka Hei Chu is a sophomore in electrical engineering at the École de technologie supérieure of Montreal.


Originally from Hong Kong, he showed great interest in aeronautics and robotics since childhood. He is passionate about programming and aspires to become a professional, to make a difference in any of these domains. Also, his dual cultural identity allowed him to easily create and maintain a healthy relationship with people of different nationalities. He is looking for a period of study or an international internship which will allow him to explore deeper those passionating fields. He is currently in search for them.


Moreover, Ka Hei is a very dynamic student, he participates in four student clubs: a sports club, a science club, the committee of the Student Association of the ETS and a student group. He loves to make new friends. Traveling and reading are his favorite hobbies. He is now ready to leave for one of the biggest adventure of his life.